The McGuinness Experiment is coming soon (That's my new YT channel btw). OK, so leaking personal info is bad. REAL bad. SO bad in fact, that I messed up by stupidly doing it. Matthew McGuinness, why?!

So I tell CORMAC MATHEWS I have a crush on this girl and mention it on Facebook. I then get flack from some guy I have nothing to do with saying how she wants to talk to me and cr*p like this. I post that I feel like death and get the police at my door at 3 am. That's right, 3 AM! So once that's ironed smooth I roast this Cormac guy and tell him EXACTLY what I think of him AND NOW HE BLOCKS ME!

I set up a Hulk wiki to calm meself cos DAMN IT YOU WOULDN'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY. So anyways, Thor Ragnarok's coming out, and it's 12A. My first video will go up soon parodying rating warnings issued by the BBFC in the 90s so watch out for that. 


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