The Beast Within is the fourth episode in the series and the last to feature the 'voices' Hulk out sound (due to expenses).

David's Alias: David Bradburn


David works as a janitor at a zoo to learn about research undertaken by a scientist, Dr Claudia Baxter, studying aggression in animals. He finds out she is being framed by zoo officials for the death of animals at the zoo. The officials in question are smuggling diamonds incognito to the law, and the creature inside David is the only thing that can stop them...


  • Charles Lampkin ... Joe
  • Jean Durand ... Jagger
  • Norman Rice ... 1st Zoo Security Guard
  • Joe DeNicola ... 2nd Zoo Security Guard
  • Billie Beach ... Rita
  • George Barrows ... Elliot the Gorilla (uncredited)


  • This is the first episode to be written by Jill Sherman Donner and Karen Harris both together, and for the series.


David Banner's first Hulk Out has a few problems.

  • Lou Ferrigno's stunt double rips the shirt in this episode. How do we know this? We can see his chin which is unpainted! Look out for a similar goof in The Waterfront Story because that goof is worse.
  • Also, when the rips go up the back of the shirt, they are torn by human hands because shirts do not rip that way in the rest of the series.
  • When the hulk fights Elliot the gorilla, the lamp is knocked over. Before he leaves, it magically reappears upright again. What?!
  • When David reforms, the shots directly before it include the head of one member of the production team.
  • David is asked where he comes from, and he replies by saying he's just come from NYC. This does not happen until terror in times square - 2 EPISODES LATER!!!
  • David says the National Register is his favourite paper. This is a downright lie, because he says in the pilot he will not give an interview to McGee because his newspaper is a tabloid, meaning he hates it.
  • Claudia kicks Carl in the shin, but he screams before she kicks him in the shin.
  • When the Hulk breaks the rope restraining his hands, you can distinctly hear someone shouting the cue for Lou Ferrigno to do so.
  • Carl's stuntman is suspended by visible wires when thrown into the pool by the Hulk, apparently.
  • Carl drives off and the scene changes, but not before the director is heard calling "cut!"

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