"Oh hi, I'm Ted Cassidy. It's possible you know me better as Lurch the Butler on The Addams Family on ABC Television, but here I'd like to demonstrate a couple of things I do in addition... in fact I'd like you to hear them all if you would, so Lurch, if you'd give the signal to commence, please. [groans] " - Ted Cassidy's demo reel, 1968.

Ted Cassidy was the uncredited voice-over artist who did the voice of the hulk until his death in 1979, and narrated the opening titles. He was well known for being Lurch in the Addams Family. He did voice-overs for many commercials including Honey Crunchers and Oak Farm's Chocolate Milk.

The Bionic Woman and the Hulk voice Edit

Kenneth Johnson was making an episode of The Bionic Woman titled The return of Bigfoot. He cast Cassidy in this and asked him to do both the voice of the Hulk and to narrate the opening titles.

However, he developed a heart condition which eventually killed him in 1979. Johnson asked Charles Napier whether he would like to take over, and he agreed. But Johnson kept Cassidy's voice in the opening titles as a tribute to him.

Of Guilt, Models And Murder Edit

It has been noted on a Hulk discussion board that the Hulk's vocals in this episode sound strange. Upon checking this out, the author of this page found this to be true. Some have argued that this was Lou Ferrigno's hulk voice, but it does sound a bit like Cassidy's. Plus: Ferrigno has never stated that that was his Hulk voice at the time, so we can assume from hearing his Hulk voice in the movies with the Hulk in it from recent times that this is not the case.

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