Marvel's She-Hulk idea came from Kenneth Johnson. When Universal Television cancelled the series, Johnson asked them to rethink their decision, describing an alternate fifth season, beginning with David giving a blood transfusion to his sister, Helen, causing her to get gamma radiation in her blood creating the She-Hulk. Universal turned down this idea and broadcast the remaining episodes as "season five".

However, a movie starring Brigitte Nielsen was planned in the 1990s. Nielsen posed as both the She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters, her alter-ego. The film never came about and the photos can be seen online.

A script for a She-Hulk TV Series was written by Jill Sherman Donner, who also wrote for the Hulk TV series. It was set to star Mitzi Kapture and Gabrielle Reece, but was scrapped since the studio began to worry that Kapture wouldn't be available for the series so the production ultimately never happened.

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