Richard Kiel, of James Bond fame, was originally contacted by Johnson to play the Hulk in the pilot. They filmed a week's worth of shooting with him as the creature, but he was fired because he was not bulky enough.

He was originally hired because:

  • Lou Ferrigno had never acted before, and Kiel had
  • Kiel was 7' 2" while Ferrigno was 6' 5" tall at the time
  • The production team could not get Arnold Schwarzenegger for the part and needed an actor.

Both he and Lou Ferrigno had a problem with the "white eye" contact lenses, but Kiel more so. Kiel was blinded in one eye and it was a pain for him to get the contact lenses in and Johnson eventually asked him whether he would like to leave, but still get paid. Kiel agreed and Lou Ferrigno got the part.

Kiel's only scene Edit

Whilst the majority of Kiel's Hulk footage was cut, one scene was left in - the zoom-out from the top of the tree when the little girl is in the water. You can tell it is Kiel because of the lack of bulk and the fact that his face is of a different shape to Lou Ferrigno's. Whether this was an editing mistake or not, it's still in there for you to see and enjoy today.

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