The Return Of The Incredible Hulk, later retitled Death In The Family, was the second episode and another pilot movie for the series. For VHS releases and reruns, the movie was re-edited as a two-parter.

David's Alias: David 'Benton'


On the run, and having the world think he's dead, David Banner catches a ride on a truck and reads a newspaper that has a headline on Gamma therapy. He arrives in town and helps Julie Griffiths after her crutches give way and she falls. He brings her to her wealthy family and gets a job on the estate. He soon learns of that her mother and doctor plan to kill her because she is an heiress. He also meets Michael, an old man who saved Julie from a previous murder attempt arranged by her mother. Can David save Julie, get cured AND avoid McGee?


  • David's third Hulk out involves the Hulk fighting a bear. The bear caused lots of problems for Lou Ferrigno. See 'goofs'.
  • Gerald McRaney would return to the series three more times.
  • Laurie Prange would return in Prometheus playing Katie Maxwell.


  • Lou Ferrigno had his makeup licked off by the bear, who also attempted to knock his wig off during the fight. If you look closely, you can see Lou's green grease paint come off and stain the bear's fur.
  • The reformation shots after David's second Hulk out don't all match up.


  • Mills Wattson ... Sheriff
  • William Daniels ... Dr. John Bonifant
  • Gerald McRaney ... Denny Kayle
  • Victor Mohica ... Rafe
  • Robert Phillips ... Phil
  • Ann Weldon ... 1st Nurse
  • Linda Wiser ... 2nd Nurse
  • Roger Aaron Brown ... Lab Technician
  • Janet Adams ... 3rd Nurse
  • Socorro Swan ... Receptionist
  • Rita Gomez ... Maid
  • Rick Garcia ... The Cuban

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