• TheMcGuinnessBro12

    The McGuinness Experiment is coming soon (That's my new YT channel btw). OK, so leaking personal info is bad. REAL bad. SO bad in fact, that I messed up by stupidly doing it. Matthew McGuinness, why?!

    So I tell CORMAC MATHEWS I have a crush on this girl and mention it on Facebook. I then get flack from some guy I have nothing to do with saying how she wants to talk to me and cr*p like this. I post that I feel like death and get the police at my door at 3 am. That's right, 3 AM! So once that's ironed smooth I roast this Cormac guy and tell him EXACTLY what I think of him AND NOW HE BLOCKS ME!

    I set up a Hulk wiki to calm meself cos DAMN IT YOU WOULDN'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY. So anyways, Thor Ragnarok's coming out, and it's 12A. My first video…

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